ONELOGIN Product Notification

Critical Alerts
This email contains important information relating to the supportability of the OneLogin Active Directory Connector.  
Dear OneLogin Administrator,  
Our reports indicate that you are running one or more installations of the OneLogin Active Directory Connector (ADC) on the following Windows Operating systems: 
  • Windows Server 2008  
  • Windows Server 2008 R2  
  • Windows Server 2012
Installation of the OneLogin Active Directory Connector on these operating systems will no longer be supported as of April 3rd, 2024. Please note that you have until April 3rd, 2024 to upgrade to a newer version of Windows Server.  
Failure to upgrade by this date could result in a disruption to your service as well as the inability to gain assistance when contacting support. If you are no longer using these ADC instances, we recommend you shut them down and remove them from your account.   
For more details on the upgrade process, refer to our Active Directory Connector (ADC) upgrade guide.  
The OneLogin Team