ONELOGIN Product Notification

Critical Alerts
This email contains important information relating to * certificates.   
Dear OneLogin Administrator, 
As part of our ongoing security focus, OneLogin will perform routine maintenance to renew the certificate for *, which expires on March 21st, 2024. The new certificate is valid for one year and expires on March 19th, 2025.  
The * certificate protects several OneLogin services, including the web portal, legacy APIs, and mobile apps such as OneLogin Portal App and OneLogin Protect.  
Users will need to update to the latest version of :
  • OneLogin Protect for Android: v4.8.10 
  • OneLogin Protect for iOS: v4.8.2 
  • OneLogin Mobile Portal App for iOS: v1.3.2 
If end users access the web portal with the latest OS and browser versions, they shouldn't experience any disruptions. 
We will deploy the new certificate on March 19th, 2024 from 4 AM GMT to 9 AM GMT.  
Please refer to thisKB article to help evaluate any potential impact this may have on your organization. 
Thank you, 
The OneLogin Team