ONELOGIN Product Notification

Critical Alerts
This email contains important information relating to OneLogin Universal Connectors and OneLogin Workflows.  
Dear OneLogin Administrator, 
BetweenMarch 9th, 2024 and March 30th, 2024 the service that performs the processing of our OneLogin Universal Connectors and Workflows will be undergoing necessary maintenance to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and security.  
During the maintenance period, you may experience: 
  • Brief periods of 503 errors for Developer APIs, community connectors, and recipes. 
  • The Workato WebUI, API endpoints, job processing, and webhook endpoints might be delayed by a few minutes. 
  • Workbot requests could face 'HTTP 50X' errors for a few minutes at the initiation of a request. 
All components will function as expected once the maintenance is complete.  
You can find a summary of the planned maintenance schedule, including date and time, and the impact here.   
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact OneLogin support