Quest has tools and processes in place to identify, protect, detect, and remediate vulnerabilities and incidents when they occur, including external security partners. As part of our standard security operations, Quest does not use CrowdStrike in any of our operations. We are reviewing our third parties, and so far, there is minimal affect. It is Quest's policy not to provide further technical details unless they directly impact customer data.

ONELOGIN Product Notification

Product Release

November 2022 Release Notes


These release notes provide information about the November 2022 release of OneLogin. Please refer to the November 2022 Release Notes for details on enhancements, new features and resolved issues. 

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide customers with the most stable and seamless OneLogin experience, service releases utilize a staggered deployment schedule over a period of time. With this process, customers should expect new features and bug fixes to be gradually applied to our global customer base. If a new feature doesn’t appear immediately following our monthly release, it will become visible soon, unless the feature must be enabled by an account manager. This is what happened in November at OneLogin!


  • Security & Authentication

       o  OneLogin Protect Push Notification Control

       o   TIdP Integration with SingPass

  • Administration

       o    New Enhancements to Delegated Admin

       o    Confirmation Dialogue for Bulk Updates

  • API

       o    New Pagination Default for Roles API

       o    Custom Error Messages for Branding API

  • Bug Fixes


    Security & Authentication


    OneLogin Protect Push Notification Control:  Administrators can now disable push notifications for all OneLogin Protect users in OneLogin by changing the settings on the MFA tab of a User Policy. This can help prevent a push-fatigue attack if the user's credentials are compromised.


    TIdP Integration with SingPass: SingPass can now be added as a trusted IdP. Its authorization code flow includes a QR code that can be displayed by OneLogin, allowing the user to scan it with the SingPass Mobile app to log in.




    New Enhancements to Delegated Admin

    Delegated administrators with the Create app privilege can now add apps directly to OneLogin by clicking Add App in the Apps tab of the admin portal.


    Confirmation Dialogue for Bulk Updates

    Perform bulk operations with confidence and peace of mind – all bulk user updates now verify the number of affected users with you before beginning the operation so you can be sure you're not updating more users than you intended.




    New Pagination Default for Roles API

    When called, the Roles API will now automatically return only 50 items per page unless the optional limit parameter is used to specify another value; this can be useful when handling large quantities of roles.


    Custom Error Messages for Branding API

    New functionality has been added to the Branding API allowing for error messages to be customized on an app-by-app basis. Instead of referring to multiple helpdesk routes in one error message as shown below, it's now possible to tailor each app's error to its own specific point of contact.


    Bug Fixes

  • Custom user fields and parameters can no longer be given the same name as an existing field; this will prevent conflicts and errors between duplicate fields.
  • When the Advanced Directory feature is enabled, the specified direction of import/export will now only apply to updates to existing custom and default user fields and the creation of new custom fields. However, when a new user is being created the direction of the default fields will always go from the source directory to the destination directory because they are required to create a new record.
  • Users will now consistently receive the correct MFA prompts when using OIDC. When MFA is required at the User Policy level, double prompts can be prevented by going to MFA Bypass in the app policy settings and selecting Skip if OTP received within last [X] minutes with the desired cooldown time between prompts.