Quest has tools and processes in place to identify, protect, detect, and remediate vulnerabilities and incidents when they occur, including external security partners. As part of our standard security operations, Quest does not use CrowdStrike in any of our operations. We are reviewing our third parties, and so far, there is minimal affect. It is Quest's policy not to provide further technical details unless they directly impact customer data.

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October 2022 Release Notes

These release notes provide information about the October 2022 release of OneLogin. Please refer to the October 2022 Release Notes for details on enhancements, new features and resolved issues.  

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide customers with the most stable and seamless service release experience, OneLogin has revamped our release process. Service releases now utilize a staggered deployment schedule over a period of time. With this new process, customers should expect new features and bug fixes to be gradually applied to our global customer base.  

If you do not see a new feature immediately following our monthly release, you will soon, unless the feature must be enabled by your account manager. 

Here is what happened in October (well, actually it was in September since this release is at the beginning of the month) at OneLogin! 

  1. Security & Authentication
  2. Manageability & Reliability


Here is what happened in October (well, actually it was in September since this release is at the beginning of the month) at OneLogin!

1. Security & Authentication

2. Manageability & Reliability

Security & Authentication 

Smart Access 

User login events will now reflect the risk level relative to the Smart Access settings defined in the User Policy applied to the user. 

Authentication Factors 

Users can now log in more easily than before. Users that have registered only one authentication factor will no longer be prompted to choose that one factor even if they have not marked that one authentication factor as their default. When users have only one authentication factor registered the system will treat it as if it is their default authentication factor and automatically prompt them to confirm their identity using that authentication factor. 

Manageability & Reliability

The user creation process has been optimized. This improvement will be most apparent when users are created with the same name part in their username or email address as other user accounts within a OneLogin instance.  

OneLogin accounts with Enable OpenID for users enabled will benefit the most from this enhancement.