ONELOGIN Product Notification

Product Release

These release notes provide information about the August 2022 release of OneLogin. Please refer to the August 2022 Release Notes for details on enhancements, new features and resolved issues. 

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide customers with the most stable and seamless service release experience, OneLogin has revamped our release process. Service releases now utilize a staggered deployment schedule over a period of time. With this new process, customers should expect new features and bug fixes to be gradually applied to our global customer base.

If you do not see a new feature immediately following our monthly release, you will soon, unless the feature must be enabled by your account manager. 

Here is what happened in August at OneLogin! 
1. Security & Authentication
2. Manageability & Reliability
3. API
4. Bug Fixes

Security & Authentication

The OneLogin RADIUS Server interface now has a maximum limit on invalid login attempts. If a user attempts and is rejected from authenticating through RADIUS, their invalid login attempts will be incremented unless a certain period of time has passed since the last failed attempt. The user will then be blocked from logging in again for several minutes. 

Manageability & Reliability 

User Applications Tab 
The Applications tab on a User record now has paging functionality to make it easier to view all the applications assigned to a user. 

G Suite Directory Connector 
G Suite import jobs will now be trackable from both the Event viewer and the Job Viewer. A “Google User Import” job will now show as “In progress” in the Job Viewer while it is running real time. 


Delegated Administration 
We have added several new actions to our Privileges API. With these actions you can now control granular privileges for both Groups and Policies.  

The Branding Service API now supports querying templates by locale to enhance support for international branding configurations. 
GET https://{{api-domain}}/branding-service/brands/{{brand-id}}/templates?locale={{locale}} 
Note: This feature is still in Early Preview. 

Bug Fixes 
Single domain URI schemes are now supported in the Redirect URI’s field on OIDC App Connectors. 
Applications with long names that have not been properly displayed on app tiles can now be viewed by hovering over the tile. 
Title field edits can now be saved by clicking on the green checkmark by the title field. Administrators will no longer be required to click the Save button to save Title field edits.