Quest has tools and processes in place to identify, protect, detect, and remediate vulnerabilities and incidents when they occur, including external security partners. As part of our standard security operations, Quest does not use CrowdStrike in any of our operations. We are reviewing our third parties, and so far, there is minimal affect. It is Quest's policy not to provide further technical details unless they directly impact customer data.

ONELOGIN Product Notification


As you are aware, OneLogin is now part of One Identity by Quest.
One Identity delivers unified identity security solutions that help customers strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture and protect the people, applications, and data essential to business.  We are delighted to include OneLogin technology in our family of products.

We would like to advise you of some upcoming changes regarding product support. However, despite changes to processes, OneLogin products will still be supported by the same knowledgeable and experienced OneLogin engineers.  By joining One Identity, OneLogin customers will enjoy a combination of support by OneLogin’s experienced engineers plus the support of a world class organization that has offices worldwide, to provide around the clock coverage if you need it

The OneLogin Support FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) addresses commonly asked questions about Technical Support and the Support Portal.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 - all support requests have now transitioned to using One Identity Support systems, and the following changes are in effect.

NEW: Support Portal URL:
The OneLogin Support Portal will change to 

NEW: Ticket Creation
To improve our service quality and to get the most efficient response from our support team, new ticket creation via email will no longer be available. Customers and partners may create tickets (service requests) via our award winning Support Portal or via phone and selecting the appropriate severity of the issue upon creation.

The Support Portal has many capabilities, including self-help features, such as product documentation and knowledge articles allowing you to solve problems quickly and independently at any time. 

After your ticket is created, all communication options will be available to you. This includes updating the ticket directly by replying to an email, contacting Support by telephone, or updating the ticket directly in the Support Portal.  When you use the Support Portal to open a ticket, you can rest assured we will receive your request, severity (importance to you) and then get back to you as quickly as possible under our SLA response times.

NEW: Support Hours and Response Time SLAs (Service Level Agreement)
Support hours for both North America and EMEA support teams will change to the following times:
North America Support Hours: Monday – Friday 5:00am – 5:00pm Pacific Time
EMEA Support Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 6:30pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) 

For customers with OnePrime and OneVIP support level, cases will still be handled 24 hours per day depending on Severity.

  • Severity Level 1 SLA offered 24X7; Severity Level 1 issues must be reported or escalated via telephone.
  • Severity Level 2 to 4 SLA offered 24X5 (Monday – Friday except holidays)

For a full list of regional support hours and phone numbers, visit

Response Time SLAs will also change as follows:
Severity Level 1 – (please call to escalate)
OnePlus (Starter) / Standard: 1 Hour (Monday-Friday regional business hours)
OnePrime / Business Critical: 1 Hour (24x7)
OneVIP / Premier: 30 Minutes (24x7)

Severity Level 2
OnePlus (Starter) / Standard: 2 Hours (Monday-Friday Regional business hours)
OnePrime / Business Critical: 2 Hours (24x5 Monday-Friday except holidays)
OneVIP / Premier: 1 Hour (24x5 Monday-Friday except holidays)

Severity Level 3
OnePlus (Starter) / Standard: 4 Hours (Monday-Friday Regional business hours)
OnePrime / Business Critical: 4 Hours (24x5 Monday-Friday except holidays)
OneVIP / Premier: 2 Hours (24x5 Monday-Friday except holidays)

Severity Level 4
OnePlus (Starter) / Standard: 1 Business Day (Monday-Friday Regional business hours)
OnePrime / Business Critical: 12 Hours (24x5 Monday-Friday except holidays)
OneVIP / Premier: 4 Hours (24x5 Monday-Friday except holidays)

NEW: Support Guide/Offerings:
For details on all of One Identity’s support policies, procedures, and response time SLAs, please view our  and Support Offerings pages.

Existing OneLogin cases:
Your existing open cases will be handled by same the OneLogin support engineer currently working on your case. You will receive an email for each open case which you can update by replying to the email message.

Once you log into the OneLogin support portal you can access and update your open and closed cases (Closed within the last 2 years) from the My Service Requests page.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that we are committed to sustaining and improving the solutions and services already being provided. We are excited to have the great people and market-leading products of OneLogin as part of One Identity by Quest.